Let there be light

Any time I’m teaching ,  especially if I’m teaching children, I always ask a trick question.  And I tell them that it’s a trick question.  I’ll hold up a magic marker and say, “can you all see this?”  Of course they will nod or say “yes”.  And I’ll say, “no you can’t see this.  You can see the light bouncing off of this, but visually,  you are not able to go to this object.  The light has to come to you.”

And I can prove it.  If we come back here at midnight, and turn off all the lights and I say, “Can you see this?”  You can’t even see me.  No light no sight.

The bible says that the first words God ever spoke were, ” Let there be light.” And it was good.

This week in the studio

This is a back splash that I’m working on for a house in Sewanee, TN and this is a view down the valley. I’ll post pictures as this progresses.

This is a wedding gift for a couple in Hawaii. She is a marine biologist, so the client asked that the glaze represent the ocean.
I love this sort of work. The client came in and said we have a $500. budget. What can we do?


The is the outside of the bowls. I really like how the glaze curtained down and give the impression of waves coming up on the beach.

Vincent Van Gogh

We know a great deal about Vincent van Gogh’s life from the letters between him and his brother Theo.

Van Gogh was the son of a preacher and Vincent preached early in his career, but his intensity and devotion to his flock proved too much for the church hierarchy.  Today Vincent is  a revered, somewhat Christ-like figure to many artists and art lovers.  In his lifetime he sold one painting  only.

Vincent lived and worked with Paul Gauguin for three months in 1888. They would paint passionately and argue about art passionately. One time Gauguin said to Vincent, ” you overload your brush and you paint too fast.”

Vincent thought for a moment and replied, ” you look too fast.”



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