The K—– Family

I received an email.

There was going to be a total solar eclipse,  and it’s path was coming directly over Nashville, where I live.

The email was from a woman in Washington DC.  “I’m a medical writer and I’ve seen and admired your exhibit at the CDC in Atlanta for years.  My family is gathering in Nashville to see the eclipse.  Would it be possible for me to visit your studio?”  ” Yes.  Of course.  Bring your family.”

They are a very close, very loving family, but they all live in different places.  The son is a student at Princeton, the daughter a teacher in New York City,  the father is a diplomat and spends most of his time out he country, the mother lives in Washington.  This was a very special time for them to be together.  They ended up buying  four blue bowls, one for each,  with each making a promise to the others to use their  bowl each day,  and through it,  connect with each other.