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One of my hero stories

I’m 66 years old and there are only two stories in my life where I’m the hero.  The first of these, I was about 11 years old and my cousin and I were camping with some friends.  This one boy, David Early’s younger brother Angelo (Angel), had found an old kerosene  lantern laying around and had gotten it working.  The lantern eventually ran out of kerosene.  Like a real dumb kid, he took a cup filled with kerosene and began to pour it on the hot lantern.  The kerosene ignited, exploded and Angel was on fire, running.  Thank God he Read more »

They’re all good when you win

I spent a few years in my youth working with race horses.  This one night I was taking one of my trotters out to race.  A friend of mine had just won the previous race and I said to him, ” Hey Bob, nice drive.”  He replied, “yeah, they’re all good when you win.  I’ve driven twice that good, come in second, and nobody ever said a word.”  I’ve found that to be the truth in life.  They’re all good when you win.   $250. 16″ x 10″ sold All of my porcelain paintings, can be hung indoor or outdoor. Read more »


This is a back splash that I’m working on for a house in Sewanee, TN and this is a view down the valley. I’ll post pictures as this progresses. This is a wedding gift for a couple in Hawaii. She is a marine biologist, so the client asked that the glaze represent the ocean. I love this sort of work. The client came in and said we have a $500. budget. What can we do? The is the outside of the bowls. I really like how the glaze curtained down and give the impression of waves coming up on the Read more »