gift for my niece

email:  Tom, my niece is graduating from college in CA.  I’d like to send her a gift of a set of your bowls.  Can you help me?   Me:     Absolutely.  I’ll text you images of some glaze options.  Bowls are 63. ea.  I sell a set of four for 248.  I do not charge for   shipping.  This is great.  She will treasure these and you, for her lifetime.  Email me her address,  I’ll call you for credit card info.  It’s that easy.


I received an email. J—–:   “My name is J—–.  I saw you at a craft show a few years ago and bought a porcelain painting from you.  My husband loves your work.  His birthday is coming up.  Do you think you could do something for him?” I emailed back. Me:  “Sure.  Tell me a little bit about him.  What does he read?  What’s he interested in? What does he watch,  movies/television?” J—–:  “He loves Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad” If you are a Breaking Bad fan, you will get this.  If you aren’t, maybe pass this on to someone Read more »

The K—– Family

I received an email. There was going to be a total solar eclipse,  and it’s path was coming directly over Nashville, where I live. The email was from a woman in Washington DC.  “I’m a medical writer and I’ve seen and admired your exhibit at the CDC in Atlanta for years.  My family is gathering in Nashville to see the eclipse.  Would it be possible for me to visit your studio?”  ” Yes.  Of course.  Bring your family.” They are a very close, very loving family, but they all live in different places.  The son is a student at Princeton, Read more »


A friend called.  His granddaughter was turning eight.  He wanted to purchase two bowls.  “Sure.  Come on over.”  He told me that he planed to give one bowl to Haley and keep one for himself and he planned to say when he gave it to her, “Haley, when you have your cereal in the morning, I want you to put your finger and your thumb here, and you think about me.  And when I have my cereal in the morning, I’m going to put my finger and my thumb here, and I’m going to think about you.”  Being a potter, Read more »